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About Barrister Zulfiqar Ali

Barrister Zulfiqar Ali Syed is the Managing Partner at Blackstone Legal. Zulfiqar is a High Court Advocate and Barrister with over 20 years of commercial, corporate and legal practice experience. Besides being an excellent lawyer, he has specific industry expertise in guiding clients in international trade, intellectual property, immigration, and corporate commercial matters. Zulfiqar is noted for his written and oral advocacy in litigation, often involving complex technical and legal issues. His skill is in identifying and presenting the central issues in a case. He represents his client’s interests efficiently. 

Barrister Adil

Senior Advocate

Barrister Adil is luminary in the realm of regulatory compliance, corporate and company law. With a career spanning decades, their expertise illuminates the complex corridors of legal intricacies. Specializing in ensuring businesses adhere to regulatory frameworks wile excelling in corporate governance their counsel is sought -after for navigating the intricate landscape of company law 

Qasim Sagheer

Legal Manager

Mr. Qasim Sagheer proudly serves as the Legal Manager at our esteemed law firm. With an extensive background in law and a commitment to excellence, he navigates the complexities of legal matters with precision and foresight along with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Rida Siddiq

Legal Associate

Meet our Accomplished Crime Analyst, a specialist in unraveling complex criminal investigations. With a dedication to deciphering intricate patterns and providing insightful perspectives, they offer invaluable expertise in understanding and addressing various aspects of criminal activities.

Zulfiqar Hameed

Legal Associate

Zulfiqar Hameed Raja, an adept legal professional at Blackstone Legal, is renowned for his prowess in corporate law, real estate, and technology-related legalities. Our firm stands as a beacon of precision, offering tailored solutions that safeguard our clients’ interests.

Zeeshan Jamali

Legal Associate

Zeeshan is synonymous with dedication in Civil Law, embodying unwavering commitment to every case. His passion and relentless drive ensure that each client receives through, devoted advocacy in navigating the intricacies of civil matters.  

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