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Workplace initiatives

Sustainable Operations

At our workplaces, the collective impact of our employee and client activity adds up, so we are addressing this through resource conservation and education.

Resource Conservation


We recognise that employee and client commuting contributes to energy and emission impacts. We have strategically taken premises that are within walking distance to major public transport links. And where we can, we have looked to hire locally.

Employee Programs

We know that our employees are one of our greatest assets. That’s why we invest in robust employee programs that make a deep impact in our communities.

Strategic Volunteering

We create opportunities for our employees to engage in social impact by contributing their skills and time to support underserved initiatives in their communities that go beyond legal advice and services. At a local level, it’s about engagement and creating understanding and tolerance through interaction, empowering both our people and those that live in our communities get a strong start on their life journeys together. Programs with local partner charities include but are not limited to: breakfast clubs, book clubs, mentoring, football coaching. At an international level, it’s about understanding and embracing diversity. Programs with the United Nations and partner charities include but are not limited to: Disaster relief response, SDGS.

Code of Business Conduct

We’re all too familiar with the pace of innovation and change in the world and we are aware of our responsibilities both as a business and as the individual within it. Our Code of Business Conduct helps us to do that in a way that’s consistent with our culture, our values and our ethos. We also maintain this code with our third parties, outlining the legal and ethical responsibilities to which we hold our suppliers, vendors, and other partners.


Diversity is everything that makes us unique. We want a team that reflects all that is great in our communities and global reach.  Inclusion for us means when people become part of our team, and that includes a focus on diversity hiring, partnerships with organisations driving change and that we do everything in our power to ensure they are included and have a voice. One that is listened to and can be heard. And we, as a company, want nothing more than to ensure that every individual, every member of our team, feels like they belong here and that each of us appreciates and values all our colleagues’ uniqueness and creativity.